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Baaroo Foundation

Baaroo is a foundation for defending digital rights of the internet users as well as assisting of human rights defenders and Journalists with their digital needs. We in Baaroo trust that the only path to democracy, sustainable peace and human equality is through empowering civil society. In essence, we aim at “Enhancing the mobilization of the civil society activists and combating digital rights violation”; we are confident that we achieve our aims by raising awareness, training and developing efficient software.

Our values

Our work is built upon human values toward the full realization of human rights of all people. This includes work towards the eradication of all kinds of discrimination based on gender, sexuality, religion, age, ability, ethnicity, language, nationality, class or other factors. We are committed to:

  • Work as part of a movement to build our collective voice, power and influence
  • Diversity and inclusion, ensuring that in our work we are opening spaces and convening different expressions
  • Transparency, responsible use of financial resources, fairness, accountability and integrity in all our interactions
  • Work independently from any political party, government, business or religious institution
  • Strive for excellence, while being creative, bold and courageous

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the skills and methods in advocacy, to build support for digital rights of users and to empower rights defenders all around the world especially who lives in the Middle East. On the ground of our mission, we can categorize it to three major sections.

  • Mobilizing for Action
  • Creating and sharing information and materials
  • Training and mentoring

Our Code of Conduct

Every actor operates on the basis of fundamental principles, whether plainly stated or implicitly understood. Further, an examination of organizations that are held in universal esteem reveals a great commonality in these principles. To read the code of conduct which we respect, you can download it form here. This code has been written by WANGO.

Our Story

Baaroo members have gathered in 2011 under the name of Iran Security Team (IST) to help Iranian human rights defenders. Its prime and fundamental aspirations were to create and promote a culture of consciousness, fortify the cyber security of the Iranian activists and mitigate the risk in their activities. In this regard we launched the IST website, Baaroo podcast and embarked on producing educational materials as booklets and pamphlets as well as in-person training. Alongside digital news coverage and introducing secure circumvention devices, we also interviewed numerous Iranian activists and shared their experiences through diverse media such as podcast, infographics and pamphlets.
We established a team of experts in diverse disciplines including launching, template design, website, server and client security to provide Iranian activists with free services. By examining organized attacks, namely distributing malwares and other attacks, we successfully provided institutions and individuals with free services.

Organizational and Management Structure

Baaroo Foundation Managmental StrunctureWe, in Baaroo Foundation, have designed a very clear management structure. A Board of Directors, the members of which are active in the civil society at the national and international level, governs Baaroo. The various expertise and capabilities of the board members support the projects and programs of Baaroo in different ways. The board of directors keeps track of strategic issues, including financial management and control.
Baaroo consists of several departments, each focusing on specific subjects: Capacity Building, Knowledge Exchange, Research and Support. Each department has a coordinator who ensures the smooth operation of the projects and programs of the department. The logistical organizations as well as daily administrative works are carried out by the Executive Assistance. The Financial Manager manages the project finances, provides formats, performs control actions, and provides financial updates to the coordinators of each department and the executive director; this part is supported by a bookkeeper. The Executive Director is responsible for the overall management of the team. The executive director, reports directly to the board of directors of the organization that serves on volunteer basis. The board of directors is responsible for the policy-making and overall supervision of the organization and ensuring that Baaroo is achieving its vision through the execution of the set mission. We also work with knowledgeable experts and freelancers by contracts , and seek supports in achieving our projects’ goals from our network of volunteers.

Financial Declaration

Regarding the financial issues, although we are looking for grants from international funders, we will also have a donation system. The money which we receive through donations and the extra money remaining at the end of the project, will be utilized either to develop and expand our organization or will be donated to other non-profit organizations. Needless to say, we provide our funders with financial reports and will be financially audited by a third party organization at least annually. The board of directors has no financial gains for their positions, and work voluntarily.