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Our Mission…

is to help activists and bring them mobilized ability

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the skills and methods in advocacy, to build support for digital rights of users and to empower rights defenders all around the world especially who lives in the Middle East. On the ground of our mission, we can categorize it to three major sections.

Our Plan

We develop our team through hiring at least four IT specialists, make solid international and local networks through taking active participation at several well-known congresses and conferences such as IGF, IFF, RightsCon, ICD, IGMENA, ISC, CCC, ITU, CTF, etc. Moreover, we would like to open our office in the Netherlands, one office in the North America and at least one office in the Middle East region.

Mobilizing for Action

Building Capacity in Our Coalition, provides tools and tips on how to start a coalition, expand a coalition, create shared goals and infrastructure, determine community readiness, identify key leaders/stakeholders, engage youth in prevention, and create a healthy, culturally and equal society.

Training and mentoring

mentoring entails informal communication, usually face-to-face and during a sustained period of time, between a person who is perceived to have greater relevant knowledge, wisdom, or experience (the mentor) and a person who is perceived to have less.

Creating and sharing information

For who has turned information into action with their advocacy campaigns: collecting data, creative ways of visualizing data, digital ways of sharing this information, and the security risks one should evaluate before implementing these activities.

Our Values

Are Exactly What We Believe in

Our work is built upon human values toward the full realization of human rights of all people. This includes work towards the eradication of all kinds of discrimination based on gender, sexuality, religion, age, ability, ethnicity, language, nationality, class or other factors. We are committed to:

  • Work as part of a movement to build our collective voice, power and influence
  • Diversity and inclusion, ensuring that in our work we are opening spaces and convening different expressions
  • Transparency, responsible use of financial resources, fairness, accountability and integrity in all our interactions
  • Work independently from any political party, government, business or religious institution
  • Strive for excellence, while being creative, bold and courageous
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What We Do

How we help activism

Freedom and Privacy

Computer security awareness and capacity of human rights defenders, independent journalists, anti-corruption advocates and activists.

Training and mentoring

For human rights advocates supports them in their work. In the early years, the training focused on creating a forum and tools for the sharing and exchange of tactics.


To strengthen advocacy and campaigning through the strategic use of information. We help people collect, curate and analyse data.

Online Community

Online conversations have enabled the strengthening of a global community of human rights advocates. Activists connect with others, share what they’ve learned, and ask questions

We believe in non-violent, peaceful civic acitities

Throughout history the world has been controlled by big ideologies such as socialism and capitalism to name but a few. These are all forms of slavery that have stopped our evolution and removed our freedom.

There is no way to peace. Peace is the way

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